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Mershons in America, History
courtesy of Don Mershon, edited by Jim Mershon
The Mershon family first appeared in America in 1685. Family lore says that Henri Marchand 
arrived in New York with his thirteen-year-old son, Henry. Henri was probably a merchant from Caen, Normandy, France and had brought his son to New York to escape the terrible Huguenot Wars taking place in France. Family lore, continuing, says that Henri left his son with friends or relatives in Newtown, New York and returned to France to bring the rest of his family to America. Henri was never heard of again.
Some written accounts were found that state that Henri arrived in New York with his wife and family, including his son, Henry. If the written accounts are correct, Henri, and his family, and remained in America. Whatever the facts are, we know almost nothing about Henri Marchand. However, we do know a great deal about his son Henry. 
The 1698 town census of Newtown, New York lists "Henry Marshan" as the head of household with two persons living with him. We can only suppose that this was his wife, Ann, and his first child, Henry III. We know very little about his wife, Ann, as we can only find her mentioned in Henry's will of 1738 and two land deeds prior to that date that deeded land to their sons.
About 1700, Henry Marshan moved his family from New York to Hunterdon (now Mercer) County, New Jersey, near the present town of Lawrenceville. He is recorded as a land owner there as early as 1702. It was here, that Henry II, and his wife Ann, raised their family of five sons and five daughters. Wife Ann, and all ten children are named in Henry's will of July 19, 1738. Henry died on September 20, 1738, and is buried in the Cemetery on the Hill near Lawrenceville. 
The Name and Early Generations
MARCHAND (French), MARCHANT (Middle English), MERCHANT (Modern English),
MARCHAN (Dutch), MERSHON (Phonetic)
b. France--probably Caen, Normandy d. ? In America about 1685
Brought to New York by his father to escape religious persecution
b. about 1672 - France d. Sep. 20, 1738, Maidenhead, N.J.
m. Ann--name given in his will b. ?? d. survived Henry




History of the Mershon Association
Courtesy Don Trott; edited by James C. Mershon
The Mershon Association is an organization open to all of the descendants, and their spouses, of Henry Mershon. The purpose of the Association is honor the memory of our common ancestor Henry Mershon II, to locate his descendants, to encourage bonding of these descendants by holding annual reunions, and to gather Mershon family history with the goal of someday publishing this history.
When the Mershon Association was first conceived in 1923, it did not embrace the purposes stated above. Rather it was a crusade to rescue from oblivion the grave of the pioneer Mershon ancestor buried in the upper graveyard at Lawrenceville. Five Mershon men met for lunch in New York City to discuss what they could do concerning this matter. The outcome of that meeting was a resolution to hold another meeting, scheduled for September 18th of that year at the Trenton, N. J. YMCA. To support this meeting, more Mershon descendants were contacted and invited to attend. Sixty Mershons showed up for the meeting. This meeting elected an Executive Committee to undertake the task of providing a new marker for Henry Mershon II. A resolution was approved to completing a family genealogy. The second meeting of the Mershon Association was scheduled for September 24, 1924, to be held on the grounds of the Presbyterian Church at Lawrenceville, New Jersey. 
The main order of business at the 1924 meeting was a discussion of the task of providing a new grave marker for Henry II and to solicit funds to support this effort. It was also announced that the Association had engaged, at the rate of $1 per hour, an expert genealogist to start the family genealogy. At the 1925 Association meeting the main order of business was the dedication of the four and one-half ton granite field stone bearing a bronze facsimile of Henry II's old field stone and inscription. By the 1926 meeting, the location of the annual meeting of the Mershon Association had been set at the Presbyterian Church in Lawrenceville on the Saturday closest to September 20th; the date of Henry II's death in 1738. In recent years, the membership agreed that alternatives in time and place could be used to accommodate additional Mershons including schoolchildren and teachers.
Every year, since the 1924 meeting, our Annual reunion has been held at the Presbyterian Church in Lawrenceville, except for a couple of year during World War II. Each reunion is designed to provide the opportunity to meet Mershon cousins from all over the world. Family history education is provided through various reports on our family history, events, and activities of living cousins. Speakers from local Historical organizations have talked about the influence of the Mershon family to the local area. Tours of local Mershon, and associated families, historical homes have been provided.
Membership in the Mershon Association is free; there are no membership dues. Expenses of the Association are covered by contributions from individual members. Donations are encouraged to cover costs of the newsletters, digital archiving of our extensive collection of Mershon letters, photos, documents, etc.  Membership includes receiving biannual newsletters that include articles, news of our last reunion and future events, news from the chapters is included and information about accessing our Mershon website. 
History of the Mershon Genealogical Database
One of the main objectives of the Mershon Association, as set out by the founders, is to gather family history of the descendants of Henry Mershon with the intent of someday publishing these histories. The books written by Grace Lucile Olmstead Mershon generally covered only the first six generations. This encompassed about the first 150 to 180 years of our history.  read more ...
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