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Historical Documents
Miscellaneous Mershon Documents
Miss Mershon's SchoolDid any of your family attend Miss Mershon's (HW) school in Princeton?Download
Mershon Self-Directed Tour GuideThe tour commences at the Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church, 2688 Main Street, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648Download
Meet Marie Louise “Weedie” (Reeder) StokesAs told by herself, a descendant of Andrew3 Mershon through John and Hannah4 (Mershon) ReedeDownload
Why's and Why Not's for the name MaidenheadWhy's and Why Not's for the name MaidenheadDownload
Route to Mershon Properties in Lawrenceville NJPREPARED BY LUCILLE MERSHON CA 1943Download
Old BrickIn September 2008, Jacqueline Haun made a presentation at our Mershon annual meeting about the Lawrenceville School, followed by a tour of the "Old Brick" This article was a follow-up to her presentation. Additional information from Henry Mershon III andDownload
Early Property HoldingsEarly Property Holdings of the Mershon Family In Lawrenceville (Maidenhead) New Jersey*Download
Country DoctorC. E. Mershon's ObituaryDownload
C. E. Mershon helps catch a horse thief in a 1911 Maxwell Download
History of the Mershon Coat of Arms (Crest)Compiled by Noel Barton, Mershon descendant, a trained genealogist and a retired staff member of the LDS Family History Center in Utah.Download
Former Henry Mershon IV House / Marroe InnThis stone building was originally the farm home of Henry Mershon IV (1740 – 1815). Download
FitzRandolph Gate - PrincetonAn account of the Mershon-Princeton University LinkDownload