The History of the Mershon Genealogical Database

One of the main objectives of the Mershon Association, as set out by the founders, is to gather family history of the descendants of Henry Mershon with the intent of someday publishing these histories. The books written by Grace Lucile Olmstead Mershon generally covered only the first six generations. This encompassed about the first 150 to 180 years of our history. [READMORE]Since the mid 1900s when Mrs. Mershon published these books, interest in family history has heightened and today, the Association has history on over 30,000 descendants, and spouses, of Henry Mershon. Many “lost branches’ of the family tree have been discovered and documented. Contained within these histories are our children who are 15th generation descendants (counting Henri Marchand as the first generation). If a tome or a series of books were published today to update Mrs. Mershon’s work, it is conservatively estimated that the index, along, would be over 800 pages. The cost would be prohibitive. 

From the beginning of the Association, up until about 1998, the family history was maintained on paper charts. In 1992, a project was begun to transfer all of the data from the paper charts to a computer database. This project was completed in 1998, when over 4,000 charts had been transferred to the database. At that time, the paper charts were discontinued, and updates to the family history were made only to the database. 

Written by Bill Trott (edited by James Mershon--see