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  • Henry Mershon III and His Descendants
  • Andrew Mershon and His Descendants
  • Thomas Mershon and His Descendants and Daughters of Henry II
  • Peter Mershon and His Descendants
  • Houghton Mershon and His Descendants
  • My Folks
  • Mershon Patriots

Six of the seven books can be purchased for $9.00 per book, Mershon Patriots for $5.00, or $45 for the set of seven (based on current availability). A copy of the MERSHON CREST is included free with each set purchased.

Contact Teresa Mershon at or write to her at 2111 Pelham Place, Obetz, OH 43207.

Andrew Mershon Tavern Album

Clare Mershon compiled this album of Andrew Mershon Tavern photos that will interest every Mershon history buff. The 23-page album contains a mainfloor plan, 8 historic black and white exterior photographs, plus 17 recent color photographs showing both the exterior and interior. There is a photograph of artifacts found on site and donated to the Mershon Association in 2006 by Elmer Smith, former owner and restorer of the tavern. Included are two notices from the 1779 New Jersey Gazette referring to Andrew Mershon and a section from a 1781 British army map showing the location of Mershon’s Tavern as related to Trenton, Maidenhead (now Lawrenceville) and Princeton. You can order this new publication for $20 postpaid from Clare Mershon. Write Clare at 3809 NE 136th Place, Portland, OR 97230-2720 with your check or email him at for more information.


Videos/ DVD’s


  • Tour of Andrew’s Tavern
    With Elmer Smith, the longtime owner who carefully did the restoration, doing the narration and studies the history of Andrew’s ownership of the tavern. This production was done professionally  under the direction of E. Clare Mershon. Owning the DVD/Video is valuable because of references to Mershon’s  and because of the rich insights of colonial life at the time, our ancestors lived in New Jersey. Mr. Smith recently sold the old Tavern. This is something you will want to own for yourself and use as gifts! It is available in DVD or VHS format for $20, including postage from Clare Mershon at 3809 NE 136th Place, Portland, OR 97230 or ECMERSHON@AOL.COM

  • New in 2007—Documents from the Mershon Association Archives
    VD contains most of our historic documents including old wills and parchment papers referred to by Lucille Olmstead Mershon. Another DVD contains most of the collected photographs that are in our archives. Both DVD’s are available for $20 each post paid from Noel Barton at 410 N. Main St., Farmington, Utah 84025 or The information is instructive and valuable for research

  • New in 2007 “Mershon Family History in New Jersey”
    In 2006 we engaged a professional videographer to record a video tour of the Lawrenceville (Upper) Cemetery; Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville with Mershon Room; Nassau Hall and FitzRandolph Gate at Princeton University; and the Marie Louise “Weedie” Stokes house. The oldest part of Weedie’s house was the ca. 1740 home of Houghton Mershon. The principle video narrators are Noel Barton, Dr. Jim Mershon, Weedie Stokes, and Grant Simmons. Trish Baker, Senior Writer for television programs and spouse of Grant Simmons directed the video shooting. You can order this new DVD for $25, postpaid from Clare Mershon, 3809 NE 136th Place, Portland, OR 97230-2720. This video complements our popular 2005 Video Tour of the Andrew Mershon Tavern Site. This is an important addition to our Mershon archives. The featured sites are all significant parts of our legacy. The video recordings are superb and the narrations offer wonderful insights to our heritage.

  • Mershon Family Bibles DVD
    This DVD contains information from 23 Mershon Bibles. It contains the title pages of the Bibles along with any page in the Bible containing family information. Some are actual Bible records, others are photocopies of Bible records, and some are transcriptions of Bible records. They cover form 1705-1962. There are also extracts from family Bibles that are not in the Mershon Archives, but were submitted to the Association or its researchers and were included in the research files. The price is $20, including postage and handling. Send inquiry to Noel Barton,, or to 410 N. Main St., Farmington, Utah 48025.



Polo Shirt


New for 2006 was a polo shirt designed by Grant Simmons. This attractive item is still available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. The caption reads “The Mershons—An American Family Since 1685.” $16.00 plus postage.  Our Mershon polo shirt sales are currently being managed by David Beun, 226 Meadow Drive, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. Contact David by email at or by telephone at (609) 417-3323.



Mershon Crest

Full color photo now available. The smaller crest is 5" x 6.5" and is free with a book purchase. The large crest is 9.5" x 12.5" and is available for $10 (including postage and handling). Order from Teresa Mershon at or write to her at 2111 Pelham Place, Obetz, OH 43207.



Mershon Family Cookbook


Try Joan Swearer’s Pecan Pie with Maple Syrup!  Bake up Clare & Sharon Mershon’s Wholegrain Bread!  Spread Dave Mershon’s Salsa on some chips!  Sample Harrison Hunt’s Molasses Cookies!  Get the “scoop” on Heal-All Ointment from Beverly Goldstein!!